What’s Your Gimmick?

Each Gimmicks NFT will be a distinct character from one of 8 factions with unique characteristics and personalities. Gimmicks will come with commercial rights so you can create your own narrative and have it included in The Gimmicks Wiki and perhaps even in the show!

What are The Gimmicks?

The Gimmicks are a collection of programmatically, randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The NFTs represent 10,000 characters that live in the universe of our animated series called The Gimmicks. Each character is comprised of unique traits and will be a 1 of 1.
The Gimmicks NFT holders will have early access to watch the animated short series we are creating, as well as participate in the creation process. First season will include at least 10 episodes (~7 mins each), and up to 20, released every other week with creative plot input from tokenholders.

The Team

The DavesThe Daves
The Daves
Luke GallowsLuke Gallows
Luke Gallows
Karl AndersonKarl Anderson
Karl Anderson
Rocky RomeroRocky Romero
Rocky Romero
nZo AmorenZo Amore
nZo Amore
Sixth WallSixth Wall
Sixth Wall

What is the show about?

The Gimmicks is a workplace comedy about three washed-up wrestlers from the regional Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling League who bring in a controversial rookie in a desperate attempt to regain relevance and make it back to the main event.

The Gimmicks season will include 10 animated shorts (~7 mins each) that will be released every other Friday. The end of each episode will have a Choose Your Own Adventure style decision to be voted on by token holders.

This animated short series is written by "The Daves" (Dave Ihlenfeld & David Wright) and voiced by former WWE stars Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, nZo Amore and Rocky Romero.

What can I do with The Gimmicks?

You are free to do anything with them under a non-exclusive license (see T&C).

What is pricing and how many NFTs?

We'll release more information on pricing and number of NFTs in the coming weeks.

When and where can I buy?

We'll share more information on release date in the coming weeks. You will be able to mint directly on our site.

Why get The Gimmicks?

The Gimmicks is a new way of funding content creation, with most of the sales going directly to the artists and creators and not the major studios. Owning The Gimmicks lets you watch the bi-weekly episodes before anyone else, as well as participate in the creative process with the creators. Other perks include:

  • At 50% sold we will unlock The Gimmicks episodes 1-10

  • At 100% sold we will add another 10 episodes to the first season

  • Co-creation - token holders vote at the end of each episode to tell us what they want to see next

  • Access to monthly writers rooms

  • Early access to episodes before broader distribution

  • Airdrops of The Gimmicks sets

  • Ongoing voice and art contests for inclusion in the show

  • Merch store coming soon

  • At 100% sold one token holder will be chosen and compensated as an "Associate Producer" with a 3 minute backstory / spin off created for their character.

How do I get involved?

Join us on Discord and follow us on Twitter